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Our pre-trip planning and compliance services help you prepare your people for travel and ensure compliance with your organisation’s policies.

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Get TravelReady

Automate compliance with your organisation’s travel security and health policies. With TravelReady, travellers confirm pre-trip preparation, automating the compliance audit for your organisation’s travel policies. The tool’s workflow mirrors your organisation’s structure and procedures. Strengthening your Duty of Care obligations and allowing for easy compliance reporting for management.

Travel Prep in the Palm of Your People’s Hands

Avoid risks and trip disturbances with the International SOS Assistance App. Customised, pre-trip checklists, tailored to their location, help travellers avoid delays. App users can research their destination(s) to better understand the requirements needed, including vaccinations and any developing situations that may affect their health and safety. The custom content is developed and updated by our worldwide network of health and security experts with local knowledge of each specific destination.
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Help your People Understand the Risks they May Encounter in Any Destination

Preparation delivered to your workforce’s inbox. Pre-trip advisory emails are automatically triggered when a trip is booked, and provide targeted, expertly developed insights so your travellers are aware and prepared before they leave for a destination. 

Prepare for Any Situation with Digital Training and Preparation Courses

Arm your workforce with a vast portfolio of online training and courses ahead of travel, so your people know how to respond if a crisis occurs.
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Understand the Latest Impact of COVID-19 on Operations and Travel

Through the App, Portal and ManagerView, managers and the workforce alike can search locations to quickly identify the COVID-19 impact scales and detailed travel restrictions information. This helps to reduce the risk of travel interruptions, delays or illness.

업무 회복탄력성 다큐멘터리 데모 영상 | 임직원 안전관리 솔루션

전 세계적으로 의료 및 보안 위협이 복합적이고 복잡해짐에 따라 기업 및 기관은 '계층화된 위협 환경'에 대처할 수 있는 적절한 준비가 필요합니다.


본 다큐멘터리 데모 영상을 통해 인터내셔날SOS가 계층화된 위협 환경의 모든 단계에서 어떻게 기업 및 기관의 임직원을 지원하는지 알아볼 수 있습니다.

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