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Is your organisation prepared for costly unforeseen incidents? How do you best protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your people, while controlling spend? Is the cost efficiency balanced with obligations towards your employees? What does a successful workforce resilience service look like to you and your internal stakeholders?

  • What happens to your business if a section of your workforce were unable to work due to a COVID-19 outbreak?
  • What happens in an incident if you choose a supplier with no knowledge of the area? Can you be sure your people will receive the assistance and support they need to stay safe wherever they are?
  • What due diligence have you undertaken on potential suppliers? How can you be sure of their operational and technological reliability when your business needs them the most?

We can help you navigate these challenges while achieving your procurement goals by providing you with a cost-effective, flexible solution without compromising on quality. We can work with you, and across multiple internal stakeholders, to define your unique needs. We ensure your people are kept healthy and safe, while controlling your spend.

With an unrivalled global reach, we can instigate the deployment of medical supplies, specialist medical care and equipment to meet the requirements of your preventive health programme, or in support of a medical emergency.

  • ~50%

    of risk professionals believe that health and security risks faced by employees will increase further in the next year

  • 86%

    believe that the complexity of an organisation's health requirements has increased over the last year - CHO 2030

We understand that procuring a service to protect your workforce and meet Duty of Care is not an easy task. With us as your partner, you can draw upon over 35 years of in-house expertise and experience in implementing tailored health, security and travel risk solutions with our clients around the world.
Having worked for the most recognised organisations in the world (including 82% of the Global Fortune 100) for over 35 years, International SOS has an excellent understanding of what makes a successful workforce risk management programme. Over 9,000 global clients currently rely on us across all sectors, including technology, defence, energy, finance and  insurance, government, hospitality, manufacturing, non-government organisations (NGOs), pharmaceutical, strategic consulting, construction, aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, telecommunication, creative, fashion, education, entertainment, professional services, sports, and transportation, among many others.
Our truly global reach - we operate from over 1,000 locations in 90 countries - means we can bend and flex to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Whether this is reviewing a global travel policy, providing intelligence on a specific country, or finding a suitable medical provider in a remote location, you can rely on us to deliver the unique needs of your business.

International SOS is one of the only workforce resilience companies with integrated, in-house expertise in health, wellbeing and travel security. Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers, you can rely on us for support with any query or need your organisation might have.