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Is Insurance Really Enough in Today’s Unpredictable World?

In this dynamic threat environment, organisations are confronted with new challenges to keep their people safe every day. 

Insurance is essential in managing the financial impact during a crisis or an incident. However, it does not cover the required time and effort spent on managing the situation, and most importantly, insurance does not prevent incidents from happening in the first instance. 

If a business trip or assignment is interrupted because of an illness, injury or a security incident, it could end up being costly to your company, not just due to immediate expenses incurred, but in lost business opportunities, impact to organisational reputation and employees losing their trust in your health and safety practices. 

How are you ensuring your people understand the risks they face before heading off on their trip or assignment? Following an unexpected event, how can you act quickly to minimise the impact on your people and your business continuity, whilst providing targeted support where it is needed the most?

All-encompassing workforce risk management programmes focusing on proactivity, preparation and planning allow you to reduce the likelihood and cost of business disruptions due to health or security incidents, whilst upholding your Duty of Care responsibilities to your people. 

  • 86%

    of calls from clients working jointly with International SOS and their insurer were resolved with no additional costs*

  • 85%

    anticipate risks to their travellers to increase or stay the same in 2023**

*Based on an analysis of 8,550 joint cases with Chubb over a period of three years
**Based on findings from a survey of c. 1,200 risk professionals across 108 countries, carried out by Ipsos.


A Single Point of Contact for ALL Eventualities - Health, Wellbeing and Security

Health and security risks most often come hand in hand. With International SOS, you have one point of contact providing complete coverage for your people. With 27 Assistance Centres, 200 security experts, 4,800 medical professionals and over 85,000 credentialed global providers in over 239 countries providing timely, actionable intelligence, analysis, advice and on-the ground assistance 24/7/365, your organisation receives best-in-class services for your people wherever they are and in their preferred language.

Seamless Coordination with your Insurer

Proven operational and direct billing procedures through the Direct Billing Agreement (DBA) between International SOS and insurers allow you to focus on the crisis at hand. DBAs facilitate direct, smooth communication between us and your insurer, meaning you do not need to process or pay invoiced costs covered under your policy. Over 4,500 clients around the world already receive the added benefits from DBAs with International SOS and their insurer.

Real-Time Information on Each Case with Total Cost Transparency

Even a minor health or security issue, if unchecked, can quickly escalate into a more serious problem. Our workforce resilience service ensures your people are provided with 24/7/365 advice and assistance even in cases not covered by your insurance policy. You remain in control of cases and how your employees are cared for, with real-time updates to authorised approvers and ongoing case oversight via our ManagerView platform.
Our solution is proven. By partnering with International SOS alongside your insurer, you benefit from end-to-end prevention, risk and cost mitigation.
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