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COVID-19 has forced multiple organisations to have a singular focus on the pandemic, which has created risk blind spots – preparedness for the next crisis or compound crises is essential and not to be forgotten for organisations trying to minimise the impact of health and security threats. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated several existing business continuity issues and created new reputational risks.

Key Business Continuity & Reputational Challenges

  • A Deluge of Information

    People risk managers reported their top factors impacting critical decision making were accessing reliable and up-to-date information (Ipsos, Risk Outlook Survey 2023) 
  • Evolving Employee Expectations

    84% employers said their employees appetite to travel is linked to the level of support their organisation provides to travellers (Ipsos, Risk Outlook Survey 2023)
  • A Renewed Commitment to Positive Social Change

    Two-thirds of CEOs (65%) say that the public is looking to businesses to fill the void on societal challenges. At the same time, 76% said they had a personal responsibility to be a ‘leader for change on societal issues'. (CEO Outlook Survey, KPMG)

Further to addressing these issues and threats, a holistic approach to employee health and security support can be mapped to your organisation’s sustainability/CSR reporting. Demonstrating your efforts to ensure continuity with investors and other external stakeholders.


  • We regularly support C-Suite executives in their decision-making processes, especially HR teams when confronting new threats. 
  • Only 1% of medical cases we manage require evacuation or repatriation. 
  • 80% of medical cases are risk-mitigated, resulting in no cost or claim from International SOS to an insurer.  
  • International SOS is the only provider capable of deploying assistance services in unstable/war/conflict/extreme/natural/or man-made hazardous environments (e.g. Iraq, Gobi Desert in Mongolia, centre of Arctic Circle). 


International SOS provides global solutions to ensure the health and security of your people, as well as the integrity of your business. With more than 35 years’ experience and a global footprint spanning 90 countries, we partner with you to increase the effectiveness of your global programmes: Enabling you to make optimal business decisions when it matters most.  

Customised to your strategic goals, our consultants provide tactical guidance and advisory services to safeguard your people and ensure sustainable business operations. Our consultants are accessible as part of our Workforce Resilience service, or as part of an independent consulting engagement - ensuring you receive the best advisory services tailored to your needs. 
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Partnering with International SOS means we have travellers who are willing to go into territories that are quite risky, to either sell our software or perform services for our clients. And doing so, helps us grow but it also gives the travellers no concerns or worries while they’re doing it.

Mauro Ruggiero

Director, Global Travel Management