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ISO 31030에 맞는 글로벌 임직원 안전관리 프로그램

기업 및 기관이 출장 재개와 안전한 출장 방법에 대해 고려하기 시작하면서, 새로운 ISO 31030 표준은 임직원을 보호하기 위한 중요한 지침이 되었습니다.

WHAT IS ISO 31030:2021?

ISO 31030 is critical to navigate the current travel risk environment. It reflects today's business travel concerns and provides a structured approach to the development, implementation, evaluation and review of a travel risk management policy and programme, as well as an assessment and treatment of travel risks.


Why does ISO 31030 matters? 

By promoting a culture where travel-related risk is taken seriously, resourced adequately, and managed effectively, the standard aims to garner recognised and realised benefits such as:

  • Contributing to business continuity capability and organisational resilience
  • Improve worker confidence in travel-related health, safety and security arrangements
  • Enabling business in high risk locations
  • Enhancing an organisation’s reputation and credibility – leading to a positive effect on competitiveness, staff turnover and talent acquisition
  • Reducing legal and financial exposure
  • Increasing general productivity
  • Contributing to meeting the sustainable development goals by strengthening the social dimension of sustainability

지난 35년동안 인터내셔날SOS는 기업 및 기관의 출장 위험 관리 계획을 지원하는 데 핵심적인 역할을 해왔습니다. ISO 31030의 표준 핵심 요소에 대한 귀사의 이해를 돕기 위해, 직원들에게 영향을 미치는 위험을 평가하고 이를 기존 출장 위험 관리 계획에 연계 및 통합하여 규정을 준수할 수 있도록 가이드를 제시합니다.

계층화된 접근 방식을 제공하는 통합 솔루션

  • 1 - Do we need to worry about Travel Risk Management?

    Maturity Assessment - Risk Assessment and gap analysis conducted to give you the opportunity to understand whether Travel Risk Management is an issue you need to address.
  • 2 - Do we have the governance in place to tackle Travel Risk Management?

    Travel Risk Policy Advisory (Setup) - Guidance and advice on how to implement a governance framework aligned with ISO31030:2021. Through stakeholder engagement and document review, providing guidance on Travel Risk Management gives your organisation clear governance to enhance or build your existing TRM framework.
  • 3 - How do we build / refine Travel Risk Management best practice?

    Travel Risk Programme (Review) - In-depth engagement with travel risk management maturity assessment, gap analysis and development of Travel Risk Management programme roadmap. Built on a clear understanding of your organisation’s approach to Travel Risk Management, as well as ISO 31030:2021 best practice. This gives you the blueprint to building or enhancing your Travel Risk Management approach.

"Education, prevention and preparation have always been really important for us. Our work with International SOS is one proof point that shows our people that we are an organisation that cares and takes their wellbeing seriously."

Head of International HR Operations, Financial Service Company


With organisations returning to travel and understanding how to go about this safely, the new ISO 31030:2021 provides vital guidance on how to protect your workforce. To evaluate your travel risk approach, our security and health experts have created a five-minute assessment which provides a customised report that you can take directly to your management.


International SOS Foundation ISO31030 Training

Do you want to be accredited in building a travel risk management programme fit for the COVID-19 world?


Our two-day course will provide you with the competencies necessary to enhance your travel risk management programme to encompass ISO 31030:2021.