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An on-site medical set-up designed to support clients operating in remote site environments.

We offer dedicated primary and emergency healthcare services along with quality medical supplies. They are supported by our unique clinical reach-back infrastructure for remote supervision.

Our services are enabled through Electronic Medical Records, digital telemedicine, a Medical Transportation Plan for off-site patient movement, and Health Toolkits on-site.

  • 500+

    onshore remote MedSites supporting clients in the oil, gas, renewable energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors

  • 250+

    offshore MedSites including additional support through specialised remote teams to provide guidance in treatment protocols (Topside Support) to help reduce recordable incidents, in accordance with industry-specific injury & illness case management

We do not only place medical staff on site, but we continuously manage, supervise and support them to ensure that we consistently deliver a high-quality standard of medical care across all of our MedSites worldwide.

Benefit to you and your Organisation

  • Proactive Approach for Risk Mitigation & Peace of Mind

  • Return on Investment through Increased Productivity & Cost-Reductions

  • Consistency in Delivery of Quality Medical Care

  • Single-Solution Provider for Your Unique Needs

Why Partner with International SOS

  • World-Class Standard of Medical Care

    With us, you gain access to a team of primary and emergency care experts and medical specialists - equipped with multilingual capability and backed by the highest level of clinical governance, management and training.
  • Global Footprint

    We support organisations operating in more than 900 remote and isolated geographic locations that often lack proper medical infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive & Bespoke Solutions

    Our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client, plus our solutions are medically led and evidence-based.