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WorkSafe Monitoring

직원의 건강 상태를 모니터링하기 위한 360° 접근 방식

WorkSafe Monitoring (산업안전 모니터링 서비스)은 직원 개인의 건강 상태를 모니터링하기 위한 엔드투엔드(end-to-end) 접근 방식을 제공합니다. 


여기에는 인터내셔날SOS 보건 컨설팅 (Health Advisor)의 보건 규정 검토, HealthCloud 360 디지털 솔루션을 통한 직원 건강 상태 모니터링 및 보고, AOKpass를 통한 사업장 액세스에 필요한 디지털 인증이 포함됩니다.

Supporting safe working protocols with comprehensive status-monitoring and digital access control.

Our cloud solution is easily scalable across multiple sites and countries, and was set up with the highest standards of security and data privacy. It is OSHA and GDPR-compliant, meets local regulations, and conforms to the relevant ISO standards.
  • >300

    Nurses delivering vaccines

  • >60

    Vaccination sites across 25 countries

  • >50,000

    Vaccine doses administered across all client programmes

*Refers to the period between August 2021 and February 2022


Key Features

  • Health Policy Alignment

    An International SOS Health Advisor reviews your company’s footprint and existing health policies to develop a structured framework for worksite vaccination and testing criteria, aligned to health protocols, local regulations and company reporting requirements.
  • Digital Tool Design

    Medical and Digital Integration Teams collaborate to deliver a user-friendly process to capture and monitor the health status of your employees.
  • Reporting & Monitoring

    International SOS provides a centralised view of the health status of all your employees, so you can make data-driven decisions regarding your workplace operations.
  • Multi-User Platform

    A solution with multiple user views to meet your organisation’s and employees’ needs at the same time: • End user (employee): uploading of documents, self-attestation, unforgeable digital QR code certificate • Client (nominated manager): email notifications, upload review, reports on health status

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