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열악한 오지 사이트에서도 위험을 예측하고 건강, 의료 및 보안 관리에 대한 예방적 접근 방식을 제공하여 탐사 임무를 준비할 수 있도록 지원합니다.


International SOS provides a preventive approach to your health and security management, even on the most remote sites. 

We help exploration companies in the extractives sector prepare their exploration missions to anticipate any risks and put a plan in place to mitigate them. 

Our experts perform health and security site reviews for wherever your teams are heading. Based on this analysis, the right solutions can be recommended and implemented to protect your employees against health and security risks and ensure the operational resilience of the mission.

And this goes beyond the workforce: where projects are close to local communities, we help you mitigate your impact both inside and outside the fence. This supports sustainable operations and sustainable communities.

Our Support in Numbers

  • +900

    onshore & offshore remote workplace sites around the world to which we offer medical support

  • 18,000

    health checks are performed annually around the world

  • 229

    countries and territories where our security experts provide intelligence and analysis

Our case data shows that with our approach, over 90% of health-related cases are treated on-site, and less than 1% of cases require evacuation.


  • Trusted Internationally

    The International SOS Group is trusted by over 9,000 organisations, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500, multi-national corporate clients and mid-size enterprises, among others
  • Global Footprint

    With an unparalleled global footprint and delivery model, we accompany clients wherever they go. Our 13,000 multi-cultural medical, security and logistics experts stand with you to provide support and assistance from over 1,200 locations in over 90 countries across all continents with boots on the ground.

Remote Rotational Worker Study

The International SOS Foundation and Affinity Health at Work, an occupational health psychology consultancy and research group, published a ground-breaking global study into the psychological impacts of remote rotational work. 
Download Study

“Being able to outsource medical services to external experts really helps. It’s even better that we can do this on a global basis. We know that cover is provided wherever needed and everyone is working to the same common practices.”


— Neil Forrest, Director HSSEQ, Seadrill