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Physical and mental ill-health can strike at any time and addressing this in the workplace is vital to ensure employees are present and capable of performing their roles, and to reduce the rising cost of medical expenditure.

Protecting and improving employee health is not a short, simple process that can be concluded overnight. It requires long-term investment and an integrated strategy. It requires benchmarking, tracking and progress monitoring over time.

But when it comes to building a global strategy, it is important not to assume all health systems function in the same way. There are clear structural and cultural aspects that differ from country to country and your health advisor needs to understand both the local nuances, as well as how to structure and coordinate a global programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create challenges for organisations, as they respond to COVID-19 outbreaks and support employees’ mental health, Furthermore, the concept of 'workplace' is shifting as people increasingly work from home; we anticipate major changes in this area and an increased need for collaboration with local and national authorities.

In addition, organisations have a key role to play in improving health outcomes beyond their immediate workers: collaborating with the local health system as well as adding philanthropic support to communities. Many commercial organisations are doing just this and reaping the rewards.

For years, we have been supporting global health innovations: working with the WHO’s Yaws eradication programme on Lihir; developing ground-breaking Non-Communicable Diseases programmes in some of the world’s most remote communities; supporting the response to the West African Ebola outbreak; and supporting workplace wellness initiatives that can provide a model for governments to follow.
  • 40%

    of all respondents experienced suicidal thoughts on rotation some or all of the time, compared to the global average of 4-9%*

  • 36%

    of risk professionals believe that mental health issues will contribute significantly to declining productivity levels this year**

  • $16,000,000,000,000

    is the cost of mental ill health to the worldwide economy by 2030***

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Workforce Resilience: A Vision from Leaders' is an exclusive series of webcast interviews with various C-level leaders from corporations such as Swiss Re, ABB, Chubb, LafargeHolcim Cotecna Inspection, IG Bank, and more to come.

Interviews are moderated by Cédric Fraissinet - General Manager Switzerland & Italy, International SOS – who is aiming at gathering key insights from these leaders into all dimensions of their workforce resilience.


  • With our established local presence, we understand the different health systems, health-related laws and regulations and cultural influences at play.
  • Our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • Our solutions are medically led and evidence-based.

  • We draw on our extensive, global, in-house network of specialists.

  • We measure programme impact in order to continually evolve and improve our offering.