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Teleconsultation During the COVID-19 Outbreak



International SOS provided TeleConsultation support to an American patient diagnosed with COVID-19 while on a short trip to Africa.


Through a TeleConsultation, it was determined that the patient's condition was improving and an evacuation was not necessary. Movement to an upgraded facility in-country was hindered due to COVID-19 restrictions and lack of local medical infrastructure. Cooperation between Assistance Centres allowed to medically determine that arranging a receiving care hospital would be difficult.

The patient’s condition was relatively stable. While exploring air ambulance options that could accommodate her daughter (her primary care provider), the patient continued to improve medically.


We were on hand to secure a TeleConsultation with a pulmonologist, with a qualified and vetted provider. While air evacuation always remained an option, the patient was evaluated via the TeleConsultation. She was reassured that her condition had improved, was breathing normally, and no longer needed IV / steroid treatment. With that information, it was then decided that an air ambulance movement was no longer needed.


The impact was positive as we were able to provide the patient with invaluable access to a specialist who was able assess her and determine that she was on the right track to recovery. We were also able to reassure her family that she no longer needed an urgent air ambulance evacuation.