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Support to Banker with Passport and Wallet Stolen



International SOS provided assistance, advice and logistical support to a London based banker. She had lost her passport and wallet on a business trip in Moscow. 


Anne, International Banker, from London had her money and passport stolen on a 3 day business trip to Moscow. She was due to fly home to London the following day when her money and passport were stolen. 



When Anne called us, we contacted her company. They faxed a copy of her passport and authorised us to wire her 12,000 roubles (USD400). Through our translation service she could file a police report for her stolen wallet and passport. We also arranged her an appointment with the British Embassy immediately. The next morning, she went to the embassy and got a replacement passport within 24h. With the help of our Assistance Centre, her flight home was re-booked. Three days later, Anne received a new Russian visa so that she could return home to the UK.


The impact was very positive thanks to International SOS’ expert assistance, advice, logistical support and language. What could have taken weeks to get back to London, took only days. It saved the organisation more than $1,570, time and loss of productivity.