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Sourcing and Transportation of Medical Supply Donation to Kazakhstan’s Health Ministry



International SOS successfully supported our clients, multinational EMI corporations, in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities. This meant supporting their local communities through the provision of medical supplies to the Ministry of Healthcare in Kazakhstan. 


Our clients’ needed a way to maximise the impact of their donation. They reached out to us for optimal sourcing of medical supplies and vendor selection. They also needed transportation of these supplies for the best value-for-money and lowest supply chain lead time. 

Our clients faced several challenges. Firstly, a shortage of local medical supplies to meet the requirements of a large donation. Secondly, issues related to importing medical supplies into Kazakhstan due to strict regulations. Thirdly, the sourcing of large quantities of safe, quality-assured and affordable medical supplies. Finally, complex project management needs and processes.


Through our global network of strategic partnerships, we were able to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution. This network involves manufacturers, suppliers, customs agents, and freight forwarders. Firstly, we ensured quality of the medical supplies by sourcing from vetted suppliers at the lowest-possible cost. Secondly, we provided seamless programme management and project execution through dedicated in-house experts. They designed the solution, coordinated operations, and managed communications among all stakeholders. 


Our clients achieved objectives in their corporate social responsibility and sustainability agendas with our time-efficient and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, their collective reputation before the local government improved, enhancing their license to operate in Kazakhstan.