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글로벌 자동차 업체의 경영진에게 신뢰할 수 있는 코로나19 조언 제공



International SOS provided up-to-date, factual and reliable COVID-19 advice to the C-Suite of a large automotive company during the pandemic.


Due to the growing infodemic associated with COVID-19, the C-Suite was seeking a trusted source of preventative advice and methods to follow in the locations they are operated in, particularly in emerging markets, where they had less knowledge and experience with the local governments and public health authorities. They also noted how advice seemed to keep changing. They were struggling to keep abreast of what to do where and when.


We provided strategic advice on their approach, including a review of their options and recommendations tailored to their needs. This comprised vaccine and testing options, in each operational area. We prepared bespoke policies and protocols. We also provided ongoing health advice, as and when they needed to speak to our senior health experts.

Furthermore, our health experts regularly attended board meetings to advise on the changing situation. They delivered education webinars to their employees and their families. 


The impact was very positive. We helped improve the C-Suite's confidence and speed of decisions. This contributed in boosting employee confidence and morale through clear and regular education and communications.