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Premature Labour



At the beginning of June, we received a call from a member who was 25 weeks into her pregnancy. She had suffered ruptured membranes and went into premature labour.


At 25 weeks into her pregnancy while on holiday, the patient suffered ruptured membranes and went into premature labour.

Baby incubator 


  • We contacted her company to let them know of the situation. We needed to authorise an evacuation even though she was not on business.
  • We evacuated her from Lanzarote, Spain to Las Palmas.
  • Her baby was born prematurely in our hospital of choice in Las Palmas. This allowed us to monitor the baby closely in hospital.
  • After one month in intensive care, the baby was stable and strong enough to travel. We safely repatriated him by Air Ambulance to the UK at the end of July.


The father commented: “Thanks to the entire team that made this transfer possible – my baby and wife’s journey was immaculately organised. My baby was extremely well looked after and everything ran like clockwork.”