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Medical Repatriation of COVID-19 Positive Patients in Vietnam



International SOS successfully repatriated two COVID-19 positive patients for a multinational electronics company during the pandemic. The patients were repatriated from Vietnam to South Korea.


Our client, a multinational electronics company established in HCMC, Vietnam, reached out to us to request medical repatriation. The request was for two employees who had tested positive for COVID-19. They needed repatriation to Seoul, South Korea via air ambulance. Due to the pandemic, there were several challenges while carrying out this repatriation. Challenges involved approval from government agencies, closure of international borders, and the patients’ health condition.


Our HCMC and Seoul Assistance Centres cooperated closely after understanding the situation. The HCMC Assistance Centre shared the contact of the Department of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs with our client. Consequently, they were able to request the necessary approval. The client obtained approval from the government within three working days with the support and assistance of our experienced team. Meanwhile, our professionals supported the clients in discharging the patients from the hospital. They arranged the ambulance and tracked the movement progress. They simultaneously maintained communication with the relevant authorities and resolved the logistics issues that arose during the movement.


The patients were repatriated safely to their home country. They were successfully transferred to a designated local hospital to receive all the necessary medical treatments.