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Medical Evacuation of a COVID-19 Patient From Jakarta to Singapore



International SOS provided medical support to a Singaporean patient. He was admitted to a hospital in Jakarta and diagnosed with COVID-19.


We received a call from Michael, the patient’s colleague, requesting assistance to evacuate his colleague to Singapore. With ongoing travel restrictions and challenges, additional paperwork and processes were needed to evacuate the patient to Singapore. As time was against us, we needed to respond immediately.


After Michael reached out to us, we assured him that we can assist with the medical evacuation. We contacted the hospital directly and ascertained that the patient was fit to fly. We provided bed to bed transfer and activated air and ground ambulances for movement from hospital to hospital between countries. Our medical team monitored the patient’s condition to ensure that they were stable prior, during and after the air ambulance evacuation.


The impact was positive. The patient was successfully evacuated by air ambulance to Singapore. He was then admitted to an appropriate hospital under the care of a specialist.