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Laos Nam Theun Two Hydroelectric Project Community Health Program


International SOS designed and implemented in Laos (2005-2013) the Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project Community Health Program. It covered 8,000 people in 16 villages who were resettled in Nakai district.

An International SOS public health expert managed the Health Program Management Unit (HPMU) for 8 years. He created the regional health program, setting up the infrastructure for primary health and trained the local medical staff. The program was successful and was then transferred to the national authorities. 

For the Minister of Health and the Governor of Nakai Province, the project was a model for other national health programs. This health program also won an internationally contested Sustainable Development Trophy in June 2010.

Major health impact results achieved were:

  • Under-5 mortality falling from 121/1000LB to 50/1000LB; 
  • Infant Mortality from 105/1000LB to 46/1000LB; 
  • 97% of children under two years fully immunised 
  • 14% increase in using modern methods of contraception.