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코로나19로 인한 출장 프로토콜 수립 및 도입



Our client wanted to ensure that any travel was conducted according to COVID-19-secure protocols in each location they operated in.


Our COVID-19 pandemic meant that our client was concerned about any employee travel. They wanted a simple method for their employees to assess whether their current health status would allow them to travel. They also needed a solution educate their employees on how to conduct travel in a safe way, with minimal disruption.


International SOS helped them to establish a Workforce Resilience programme. This would allow each employee to self-assess whether travel was possible, and under what restrictions. They can review the very latest information on our Assistance App and portals. Furthermore, the organisation put in place a mandatory pre-travel assessment (TravelReady) that contains a COVID-19 Safe questionnaire. It provides an easy-to-use tool for employees to quickly assess possibility of travel, considering overall health and vulnerabilities to COVID-19. This complied with the organisation's strict data privacy policies and results can only be reported in aggregate. Occasionally, an employee or manager still had questions after reading the above information and guidance. They can now raise these immediately with one of our experts in an Assistance Centre.


The organisation was delighted with the solution. They are now able to demonstrate how they are continuing their business in a COVID-19 secure way. They can show that they are not exposing their people to unnecessary health risks. Additionally, internal teams have significantly reduced the amount of time spent on tracking changing restrictions and answering questions from employees.