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복잡한 코로나19 여행 제한 사항에 대한 조언 지원

인터내셔날SOS는 코로나19 팬데믹 중 테크 스타트업 회사의 인사팀에게 끊임없이 바뀌고 복잡한 인도 내 이동 제한 지침에 대해 조언을 제공했습니다.



International SOS helped the HR team of a tech start-up to decipher confusing and ever-changing domestic travel restrictions. 


The HR team at a tech start-up found themselves spending lots of time trying to decipher whether an employee was permitted to travel nationally and under what guidelines. They had read all the government guidance but still found themselves getting confused.

Startup case study 


We quickly put in place a Workforce Resilience programme that gave them immediate access to experts in our Assistance Centres. For any travel restrictions they found confusing, they are now able to call for immediate advice.

Our experts monitor all travel restrictions around the world and can provide advice on how to interpret the most up-to-date information. As part of their onboarding, we introduced the HR team to our propriety tool that they would be using to quickly access this information. And remain available anytime should they needed help interpreting the information.


The HR team were relieved to have the support and have significantly reduced the amount of time spent on answering queries from their workforce. They have also reduced their company’s overall travel expenditure e.g. no more last-minute cancellation costs due to misunderstanding the restrictions.