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Evacuation From Morocco During COVID-19 Outbreak



International SOS provided a charter flight evacuation for eight students from three US universities from Casablanca, Morocco. They transited via London to the United States due to flight restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.


The students needed to leave Morocco to return to the United States as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions. They grew concerned due to the restrictions. Their families were worried that they would not be able to return home. 


The universities reached out to International SOS to arrange a security evacuation. Our aviation team arranged a charter flight. International SOS coordinated with the US Embassy to provide a diplomatic note to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective was to get permission for the flight from the Civil Aviation Authority. The entire coordination process happened in less than 24 hours without any delay to the flight.


Eight very anxious students were returned safely to their even more anxious parents within 48 hours of contacting International SOS.