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Evacuation from Bali



A 19-year-old girl had been involved in a motorbike accident in Bali suffering serious leg and hip injuries. She was admitted to a local hospital, where they insisted on pre-payment before treating her. 


The hospital was unwilling to accept her mother’s U.S credit card. Desperate, the mother called International SOS, despite the fact her daughter was not an International SOS subscriber. 

Bali Evacuation 


Following the call from the mother, our Philadelphia Assistance Centre established contact with the hospital through our local clinic in Bali. The extent of the injuries was ascertained, and the hospital’s medical capabilities were reviewed. Our team recommended to evacuate the patient to Singapore. There, she would be able to receive urgent surgery and the appropriate post-operative care.

Given her daughter was not a subscriber; our team explored all the various options to facilitate the evacuation costs and established the patient’s mother was working for a company that had comprehensive subscription. The company immediately gave approval for the evacuation.   

The International SOS Bali clinic monitored the patient to ensure she was stabilised prior to the Air Ambulance evacuation. Upon arrival in Singapore the girl was admitted to a preferred and appropriate hospital under the care of a specialist, where she was able to undergo the urgent surgery she required. 

Once she was fit to fly, we arranged her repatriation back to the U.S with an escort nurse and her mother; thirteen days after the accident in Bali.


Throughout the case, we were in constant contact with the patient, mother and client. As a result of expert advice and dedicated teamwork between four Assistance Centres – a very anxious mother was given constant support, help and the information she needed.
A representative from the mother’s company commented: 

“God knows what she would have done without you guys… We know International SOS is brilliant, but this service to this subscriber was way above what they expected.”