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Emotional Health Support to an Insurance Company’s Workforce in Ghana



International SOS assisted its client, a key insurance company in Ghana, in supporting their employees’ emotional health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


When employees started expressing concerns about their emotional health and their fears for the future, our client contacted us to see if we could design a programme to help and empower their workforce. Since the challenges associated with mental health are taboo in Africa, our client wanted their workforce to feel safe in coming forward with their struggles, while also being equipped with the means of addressing and tackling these problems.


Our medical experts immediately met with the client to understand more about the issues their employees were facing. We then developed tailor-made education sessions both for the employees and for the managers. Emotional struggles were discussed and International SOS’ psychologist provided continual support to employees. An emotional 24/7 health support helpline was also set up.


The impact was a positive one; our clients’ employees now understand the different aspects of emotional health and are able to seek support when they are going through a tough time. Similarly, the managers can also identify when one of their team members requires help. International SOS’ sessions were so helpful that our client has extended our support for another year.