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Clients Return to the United States After Being Stuck in Peru Due to COVID-19 Lockdown



International SOS coordinated with the US State Department to ensure 81 members - including students and families - were booked on repatriation flights from Lima and Cusco in Peru back to the United States. Clients came from the education sector, including multiple universities, as well as NGO’s, retail, and energy, mining and infrastructure. 


Our clients, including university students and executives with their families, were stuck when the Peruvian government rapidly imposed a lockdown that included a restriction on outbound commercial air traffic.


As frustrations grew due to the imposed lockdown, our clients reached out to us for assistance with charter flight options out of Peru. We identified charter options, but the landing permits required Peruvian government approval. We liaised with US Embassy contacts to send a diplomatic note to the Peruvian government. One permit was approved for Cusco, however, it arrived too late for the operator to fly. At this point, we were able to use embassy contacts to secure spots on US government flights from Lima and Cusco.


More than 80 people were reunited with their families through our efforts with the US government on their behalf. The solution was efficient and cost-effective for the clients saving them time, money and unnecessary stress to their people.