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Bespoke Security Support to an NGO Operating Across Africa



International SOS’ security experts provided tailor-made security support for an NGO headquartered in Kenya, with operations across Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Zambia.


An NGO which recently set up its programme in Africa approached us for security advisory as its employees often had to travel across the continent. They did not have a full-time security professional to adapt their security plans for the region, and thus needed expertise to review, update and strengthen those plans and protocols.

They also needed to receive credible security information for the countries where their employees operate, especially since security risks can vary greatly from one state to the other.


In order to assist our client, International SOS’ security experts reviewed their security plans, processes and incident management protocols for each region they operated in. An in-depth threat assessment was also provided, with country-specific security analysis based on where their employees had to travel to regularly.

We also provided 24/7 access to security alerts and analyses through International SOS’ Workforce Resilience support programme.


The timely issue of security alerts, especially in Nigeria where the security environment evolves quite rapidly, helped the client make prompt decisions to ensure the security of its personnel. On several occasions, their employees were able to standfast for a few days instead of face increased risks on the road.

The rigorous review of security plans and protocols in-line with the threat assessment led to customised and strengthened plans and protocols.

Through this collaboration, our client now has one single partner for crisis prevention and crisis management, and one single suite of solutions for a variety of potential security threats and emergency response requirements.